How To Influence Customers With Corporate Gifts

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How many ads have you seen for cosmetics that have coupons for a “free gift” with a purchase? How many times have you wound up buying something at a supermarket or grocery store because you were given a free sample? Those are two examples of the influence of gifts. Giving corporate gifts is a form advertising, a relatively inexpensive one that directly targets your customers, and no other form of advertising can be so uniquely matched to their personal preferences, be it their work methods or their hobbies. Does her work involve a lot of math? Get her a desktop calculator with your company logo on it. Is golfing his favorite sport? Give him a personalized golf shirt with your corporate logo on it. No other form of advertising can target an individual so directly. And in South Africa, as in the rest of the world, it has become almost expected. Odds are your competitors are giving gifts. If you are not doing it too, your competitors have an advantage over you.

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Personalized items can also make great gifts, especially for keeping them exposed to your brand while they are away from the office. If your client travels a lot, some personalized luggage or a backpack that qualifies as carry-on luggage at airports, with your client’s name on it (as well as your company logo, of course) can keep your brand on his mind while his traveling, whether it be for work or vacation, and can earn you a little you a little gratitude by making his luggage easier to recover if it gets lost.

As an example if you care about your employees health, you can easily present your clients gym subscription along with sport supplements (protein, glutamine, post/pre workouts, carb blockers)

The goal of advertising, of course, is to get your customers to keep your company in mind to fulfill their ne...


Finding the Right Wedding Entertainer for Your Wedding


If you want to find the right wedding entertainer for your wedding, then you should visit websites like and get the names of all the wedding entertainers in the area. Now that you have the names of the local wedding performers the next step is to start screening each of them individually to determine which one is going to best match your needs.

Proper Way to Screen Prospective Wedding Performersbeatiful1

The first step is to find out how long the wedding performers have been working in their niche and whether they are doing this on a fulltime or part time basis. You should be able to harvest that information by going to the about section of the performers website. This would be a great opportunity to find out everything you possibly can about the wedding performers and see if there are any videos of their performances at previous weddings. While watching the videos it will give you a better understanding of the act and determine whether it is something that your wedding guests will enjoy. Now that you have figured out which of these wedding performers you like the most overall you can move on to the next step which is reading over comments made by people who hired the wedding performers in the past. You can find that information on their website but if you are having difficulty finding that information then you might consider visiting websites like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook for feedback left by other couples that hired the wedding performer in the past. While reading over the testimonials that were left it will provide you with the insight you need to create a short list of strong candidates.crea132

Now that you have the names of the best wedding performers in the area you can move ahead to the next step which is contacting the wedding performers to find out wh...


The Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks


The demands of the society to a fast-paced life has brought the people to a stressful and burnt out mood. It is for this reason that energy drinks have gained good reputation among the public. Energy drink is consumed largely because it provides energy boost. Hectic schedules, deadlines multi-tasking responsibilities are only a few of the tasks that people are juggling in their everyday routines. Oftentimes, a good night sleep or a simple nap seemed impossible and this is where the energy drinks come in handy. They can provide alertness and help boost energy. Energy drinks also helps in maximizing workout performances. These beverages have been popular among athletes because these drinks help them acquire the maximum performance level they need for their workouts. These natural energy drinks aids in pushing their limits for intense and longer exercise routines. Another reason why energy drinks is well accepted by consumers is because they are very accessible when you need them. They are more convenient than brewing a cup of coffee or taking a power nap.benef

However, while these energy beverages are beneficial, they have also harmful effects. They can bring weight-gain to consumers because most of these products contain high quantity of sugar. Too much consumption of sugar can cause obesity which can lead to more serious health conditions like cardiovascular problems. Occasional intake of energy drink can help in providing extra energy but excessive consumption will decline the body’s ability to function leading to a lower-quality of life In addition, by stressing out your hormones to process nutrients instantly for energy, some metabolic issues arise that can be negative...


Mahjong: Never a Waste of Time


Most people are so fond of brainteasers, memory games and puzzles. The more mind-challenging a game can become, the more appealing and interesting it is for us. One of the most well-known and well-played brainteaser games is Mahjong.  It originated in China but is now popular to almost all parts of the world and were recreated and modified into other versions. Mahjong is popular because, for the most part, it necessitates skills of calculation; smart predictions and some other abilities that are triggered by brain use. Adding up to these is the little chance on luck which has been a vital part of humans’ way of life.gegg233e

Luck comes in the game when the tiles are dealt and drawn of which you cannot have control with. You just have to simply wish that you get a good set that can help you win the game. And the smart skills come in the moment you started playing with your tiles and trying to predict your opponents’ moves. Discarding tiles will have to be done carefully. You have to let go of the tiles that you think will not be of good help for your opponents. If the game has been a tough one for you, you should see to it that it is tougher for them.


Mahjong is an ideal pastime activity because it can be very addictive and engrossing especially now that it has been developed into online versions. These new internet versions are very convenient because they come in different variety which adds up to the games’ already interesting features. You will never ever be bored playing mahjong games because there are hundreds of different types to choose from any mahjong websites. You just have to go to the mahjong page and choose the most engaging one for you. Know that a game of mahjong is never at all a waste of time because every game helps in developing your brains.


The Various Stages to Beat in Hill Climb Racing Game


Hill Climb Racing Game is a physics-based racing game that is made available for Android and IOS. It is not like the usual racing game that racers aim to beat each other into the finish line. The game revolves around one character only and his aspirations to reach the farthest destination by overcoming the different stages of the game using various vehicles. Some of the different stages of the Hill Climb Racing game are the Countryside, Desert, Arctic Cave, Highway, Cave, Moon, Boot Camp, Mars, Alien Planet, Forest, Mountain, Mudpool and Volcano. These stages have levels that the game’s character has to complete. The first stage of the game is the countryside which is made up of verdant hills and bridges.  The Desert is the second stage and is compose of sandy hills and bridges. At this stage, the hills become steeper.